I realize that for many of you the drive to Florence is not as convenient as previous locations have been & for some it may be overwhelming or daunting. I appreciate the additional time, energy and loyalty you are committing to when you make your appointment and I want your experience to be positive all the way around. This page will be filled with an assortment of options to enhance your trip. Fun & practical options for you to enjoy & explore before, after, during your partners massage. I will put a *CC* next to those I know to be very COVID conscious. I welcome input & additions if you know of a treasure I have missed please let me know so I can add it.

I would prefer that you do not hop in your car directly after your massage and into the drive back to Yachats until you are fully present & ready to do so.

  • SILVER LININGS BOUTIQUE: (shingle covered octagon located on Hwy 101 on the west side on the corner of 101 & 22nd Street – 541.997.2440 – An awesome boutique filled with fun clothes, gifts, jewelry, art and the best part is the owner Kimberly who is a beam of light bursting with positive energy & light! *CC*
  • www.BeauArtsfineart.com : located in the Coast Fitness/St.Vincents center on hwy 101 541.991.8213 this is a tiny little art store that is filled to the brim & over flowing with fabulous art supplies and inspiration! *CC*
  • http://waterlilystudioflorence.com : located on the river side of the Bayfront. filled with a spectacular selection of beads, jewelry, art and elements. *CC*
  • https://www.siuslawlibrary.info : located 1460 9th street (just a few blocks straight from the studio take Nopal or 12th) Free wi-fi in the parking lot. browse selections online before your appointment and call or fill out a request online beforehand to check items out when you arrive. *CC*

Much more to be added soon!! Restaurants, shopping, cheapest gas on the coast at Fred Meyers, order groceries beforehand and pick them up, hiking, boat rentals, plants & gardening….