Integrated Holistic Massage

As you enter a deep state of relaxation your muscles are gently encouraged to unwind, releasing tension from your body, providing the space for your mind to be still, allowing your spirit to find peace & assisting your bodies natural healing processes to thrive, helping to increase your overall health and well being. Whether you are looking for pain relief, seeking solace from the stresses of the world, recovering from surgery, injury, trauma or illness, or you desire to optimize an athletic performance your session will be customized specifically for you. By listening to your needs & the subtle language of your body each visit will be designed to fit your individual needs. Guided by intuition & experience, an array of modalities, techniques, healing tools & formulas are blended with loving, therapeutic touch to help restore balance & harmony.

60 MINUTES ~ $100.

90 MINUTES~ $120.

120 MINUTES ~ $150.

Pregnancy Massage

Taking time to nurture yourself during pregnancy is so important for the health and well being of both you & your baby. Massage has a long history of helping women ease more gently through this body transformation. There are a long list of health benefits for both mother and baby including strengthening the bond between the two. This massage focuses specifically on the aches & pains that are so often associated with pregnancy. Nurturing strokes soothe both your body & mind while bringing a sense of well being, calm & deep relaxation.

60 MINUTES ~ $100.

90 MINUTES ~ $120.

120 MINUTES ~ $150.

Sacred Serenity Hot Stone

*** Temporarily unavailable ***

As the warm stones glide gently over the contours of your body, their heat penetrates deep down into your tired, achy muscles. You are enveloped in the soothing aromas of essential oils chosen especially for you, to further calm your body, mind and spirit. This ancient healing art is a serenely peaceful & grounding experience that will melt your stresses away & transport you to your own sweet, sacred place of serene bliss.

60 MINUTES ~ $110.

90 MINUTES ~ $130.

120 MINUTES ~ $160.

Head to Toe Bliss

*** Temporarily Unavailable / Reflexology is always incorporated into your session & extra can always be requested with no additional fee

As your tired feet soak in a tub of soothing mineral salts & essential oils, a warm herbal wrap is soothing your neck & shoulders, your scalp is gently massaged. You are transported deeper into relaxation as your hands & ears are massaged. Your feet are then awakened with a refreshing salt scrub, followed by a foot massage. Reflexology points are stimulated on your hands, feet and ears while you immerse into a blissful state if relaxation.

60 MINUTES – $110.

90 MINUTES – $130.

120 MINUTES ~ $160.

GIFT CERTIFICATES are always available in any amount


a great gift for a loved one or for your self

3-6 Sessions = 5% Off

7-10 Sessions = 10% Off

11-15 Sessions = 15% Off

16- 24 Sessions = 20% Off

25 or more Sessions = 25% Off

A Few Benefits of Massage

  • Increased Circulation and Energy
  • Relaxation & Decrease in Stress
  • Relief of Pain & Tension
  • Increased Flexibility & Range of Motion
  • Enhance & Boost Immune System
  • Improve Quality & Regulate Sleep
  • Decrease Depression & Anxiety
  • Improve Concentration & Mental Clarity
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Detoxification
  • Promotes Tissue Regeneration
  • Aids in Balancing Hormones
  • Improves Athletic Performance
  • Helps Balance & Improve Overall Health