The Gentle Dragon is now in Florence

There are a lot of changes including the location & protocols still in place for your safety. PLEASE REVIEW this page thoroughly before attempting to schedule an appointment

Restoring Balance & Harmony with Safe, Loving Touch

I assure you that the core elements have remained unchanged. The goal remains to provide a sacred space, a safe & serene sanctuary. To allow growth, transformation & healing to occur with treatments tailored to meet your individual needs. I know the current climate is full of uncertainties & change can be scary but I will walk you through it & we will get through this together. It is always an honor to be a part of your individual healing process & share steps in your sacred journey.



1525 12th Street, # 7 Florence, OR

In the Florence Business Center. Cozy & comfortable, easy to find, plenty of parking, simple to contain & sanitize. I love it & I think you will love it too! (Map & directions on contact page) There is a private bathroom in the studio that is sanitized between every client along with the studio. There are additional restrooms outside my studio but I have no control outside my studio of cleanliness & safety protocols of others. I recommend masks upon entering and coming straight to my studio.


Tuesday: 10:30 am – 4:30 pm
Wednesday:10:30am- 4:30pm
Thursday: 10:30am – 4:30pm
Saturday: 10:30am – 4:30pm


First of all, PLEASE Do Not attempt to schedule an appointment if you or anyone in your household is currently ill or within 14 days from last day of symptoms or 14 days from last known exposure. If you are ill Please contact your primary care Doctor or Lincoln County Public Health regarding your symptoms.

I am required to pre-screen all clients before scheduling an appointment and to keep a log of the answers along with your contact information, time & date of your appointment to be made available to health officials tracking COVID-19. This log will be completely separate & will be the only information that is shared & only with the proper health officials upon request. All other information regarding your session will remain completely confidential as always.


* Please bring your own water for before/after your session. Please leave it in your car as you won’t be able to drink it with your mask on.

* Please only bring in the bare essentials to the Massage Studio.

* Please take into consideration that during your entire time in the massage studio you will have a properly fitting mask firmly covering your mouth & nose. Make sure that you schedule a session length that you will be comfortable with including intake, disrobing, session & outtake time.

* The door will be locked when you arrive. Knock. There is a dry erase board with reminders of procedures.

* Before entering the massage studio your temperature will be taken with a touch-less thermometer. (mine will be taken each day as well) If your temperature is above 100.3 services cannot be provided. You will need to self isolate yourself for a minimum of 72 hours & your appointment will be rescheduled after that period of time.

* NO Shoes worn inside. Please remove before entering or first thing upon entering the studio (there is a chair right inside the door)

* Wash your hands thoroughly. Hand saunter is also available.


* Appropriate masks are required & must be worn at all times upon entering the massage studio.

( I recommend wearing your mask within the building. It is a large building with limited ventilation & varied traffic, many not wearing masks. )


* Clean Cloth with filter or Disposable masks are allowed. Face shield in addition to either of these are allowed but won’t work face down.

*Bandanas, Scarfs, Thin Cloth Mask w/o filter & Face Shields alone are NOT acceptable face coverings at this time.

* Disposable Masks are available for $1.00

* The Mask MUST cover your nose & mouth securely the entire time you are in the studio. Pulling down the mask will immediately terminate your session.

* If you are having any difficulties breathing alert me immediately before pulling down your mask. Do not wait until it is unbearable.

* I have robes available in case you have difficulties breathing or become uncomfortable. I will fully open the bathroom window while you put on the robe and in the bathroom you will face the window with the curtain behind your head before pulling mask down. Remain facing the window the entire time mask is down. Please do not plan on this break when considering your appointment length or plan on this becoming routine. If you need a break your next session will be scheduled as a shorter one. ** Since opening in September I have not had any clients need to use this plan & none have had trouble breathing, most of my regular clients have 90 Minute sessions without any issues.**


* flooring that is anti-fatigue, anti-slip and easy to clean/sanitize

* the room has an Air Scrubber to clean & purify the air & surfaces, plants (natures air purifiers)and a small fountain.

* 2 windows in the treatment space & 1 in the bathroom with a large fan for excellent ventilation.

* All bedding are cleaned properly and directly stored in an air tight container until applied to the bed for your session

* Before, between and after each session all bedding is removed (placed in air tight container), all surfaces cleaned & sanitized.

* My mask is cleaned daily and a new filter each day. As always my hands and arms up to elbows are cleaned thoroughly before each session.

* I am staying informed & educated by reading the latest updates provided by the ABMP (my massage association), OBMT (Oregon Massage Board), OHA (Oregon Health Authority), WHO (World Health Organization) and the CDC (Center for disease control & prevention)