The Gentle Dragon Story

Once upon a time… long, long ago but not so very far away there lived a wise and magical dragon. This dragon much preferred the company of a good book with a soft place to stretch out in the sunshine listening to the birds sing or soaring over the countryside gliding swiftly across the sky, like a cloud upon the wind or playing with the whales & dolphins, riding waves and swimming in the great blue seas or singing ,dancing and laughing with great gusto to any of the antics dragons are more commonly known for. Of course great strength was one of the dragons many attributes but strength does not always equal viciousness or an affinity for violence. In fact, this dragons strength was as calming as that of a giant redwood tree resonating the presence of an ancient wisdom with an underlying wit and cleverness that would alone defeat most challengers. Causing harm to any living being was not the nature of our hero knowing that all life is connected intricately through the web of life and all is sacred. This dragon’s heart was immense and deeply saddened by the unnecessary cruelty witnessed in the eons of existence already experienced. This is not to say here beats the heart of a coward by any means, just that a gentle existence of peace, respect, integrity, compassion and love was preferred and demonstrated whenever possible.

True strength and bravery are not best proven on the battlefield but by being a reflective example of what one believes to be right and good through ones daily actions even when it is not the popular opinion, and by living a life of honor and integrity and only fighting when all other avenues have been exhausted and only killing when evil will not be defused by any other means.

Art by Alvia Alcedo

This is the Gentle Dragon, whose tale is long and winding, wrapping through the threads of time, but not to be confused with the actual tail, which is considerably shorter and like the rest of this magical creature has the tendency to disappear and reappear not unlike the Cheshire cat of wonderland. It would take more than my lifetime to recite even a fraction of the escapades of one who has been here since before what we know as the beginning and witnessed the rise and fall of species, kingdoms, cultures and vast landscapes. Needless to say behind these kind eyes lie our history and secrets.
Now that you know a little about the nature of our dragon friend you might better understand why I have chosen this mascot to protect our sanctuary of healing and transformation and maybe from time to time to guide us with a gentle wing, a deep full laugh or song upon the breeze. The Gentle Dragon welcomes you and will watch over you with a joyous heart gladdened that you have chosen to take some precious time to heal. For all healing begins within us as individuals and spreads like ripples out into the world.